Unlocking Potential: The Bosele Scholar Ignition Program

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Program Overview

The Bosele Scholar Ignition Program (BSIP) aims to nurture academic excellence, the development of intellectual imagination, leadership, personal development and the pursuit of excellence by providing young students with the potential to become high impact individuals in society with a comprehensive bursary scheme. Each Bosele scholar will be exposed to leaders, mentors, industry experts, and personal growth initiatives.

Every year the Bosele Foundation selects the best and most promising Grade 7 students from disadvantaged homes who display strong academic potential or excellent leadership skills to join the BSIP. The Foundation works closely with the scholar to integrate them smoothly into their new and challenging high school environment by providing academic and extra-mural support.

Once a student has completed the five- year programme, they will be able to demonstrate unwavering commitment and determination to achieve goals, become self-sufficient, act with conviction, and show strength of character.

It is the role of the Foundation to:

  • Promote a healthy lifestyle by educating each scholar about the importance of exercise, good dietary practices, personal hygiene, and emotional stability.
  • Promote ethical leadership through careful reasoning and compassion.
  • Help learners to demonstrate strength of character by nurturing important social skills such as reasoned and informed persuasion, mutually beneficial negotiation, and connecting with people in a meaningful way.
  • Strengthen verbal and non-verbal communication skills such as presentation skills, body language, and social etiquette.
  • Grow each scholar’s expertise through school holiday internships, job shadowing, meeting industry professionals and, most importantly, encouraging learners to be entrepreneurial from an early age.
  • Encourage learners to be disciplined and focused through one-on-one sessions about time management, fiscal responsibility, and planning.
  • Enable students to be academically excellent through tutoring, learning excursions, book clubs, and exposure to education resources that aid their research and develop their intellectual curiosity.
  • Encourage learners to pursue excellence through goal-setting and providing motivation sessions.


Mentoring provides a structured and trusting relationship that brings learners together with caring individuals who offer guidance, support, and encouragement. The mentors help students to set career goals and start taking the necessary steps to realize them.

Furthermore, mentors can use their personal contacts to help learners meet industry professionals, find internships, and other opportunities to grow their skills and network. Importantly, a mentor will teach the student how to relate well to all kinds of people, become emotionally stable and how to persevere with intent and focus.

Day-To-Day Support

The Foundation, along with the student’s parents, will support learners on a daily basis by acting as a sounding board and counsel on matters large and small. The Foundation will give students the necessary attention that they need; from being present on sports or cultural days, to engaging with teachers on each student’s academic progress.

The Bosele Foundation not only provides financial assistance but also prides itself on being able to provide personal support to each student.