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Bosele is a Tswana word meaning “dawn”. It is the shared belief of the foundation that by providing underprivileged children with learning and personal development opportunities, and cultivating a more humanitarian culture, that we will finally see the dawn of the African Renaissance.

The Foundation

The Bosele Foundation is an education trust aimed at benefiting underprivileged children in resource-scarce communities by providing them with bursaries to fund their formal and extracurricular education. The Bosele Foundation not only offers economic support to its beneficiaries, allowing them access into the country’s top schools and universities, but also offers its beneficiaries exposure to professional and social opportunities otherwise denied to them because of their underprivileged backgrounds.

The Bosele Foundation Trust is administered by seven trustees from diverse professional backgrounds offering an array of skills and leadership experience. The trustees offer a holistic base for the effective leadership of the foundation  and administration of trust funds.

Following a selection process, managed and implemented by the foundation, in consultation with the relevant school, the Bosele Foundation will pay the tuition and boarding fees of each recipient of a Bosele Foundation bursary. The bursary will also cover ancillary needs such as school and sports uniforms; sporting gear; and all necessary learning tools that the recipient might need.

The foundation recognizes that a holistic education comprises of learning inside and outside of the classroom. The Foundation understands that children from less privileged backgrounds and diverse cultures face both academic and social challenges when placed in an unfamiliar environment. We at the Bosele Foundation also recognize that such challenges hinder the expression and attainment of a child’s true potential. Through the personal and professional networks of the trustees, the Foundation aims to offer appropriate academic, emotional, and psychological support structures including personal mentorship and life skills training to each recipient of the Bosele Foundation bursary. We aim to develop high impact, socially conscious and ethical individuals who are well equipped to take an active role in their respective communities.


The Bosele Foundation Trust offers bursaries to children in underprivileged communities affording them access to quality education and exposing them to an array of unexplored extracurricular activities. Through our mentorship program we aim to ease the transition into the new environment by allowing the children the best possible shot at success. The end product being a high-impact, socially conscious individual.

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Founding Principles

The Bosele Foundation is guided in its work by a set of principles that inform its planning, organisation, and project implementation:

  • Education: It is a fact that learning, both inside and outside the classroom, is a necessary ingredient for success. The Bosele Foundation seeks to provide learning opportunities to underprivileged children.
  • Excellence: Time and time again, mediocrity has proven to be a stumbling block for achievement in any aspect of life. The Bosele Foundation seeks to cultivate a culture of systemic excellence, both professional and personal.
  • Ethics: It is important to society, and a necessary trait in future leaders, that each individual conducts themselves in accordance with the law of a country. It is also importat to ensure that all individuals act in the best interests of humanity. With this important principle in mind, the Bosele Foundation operates with good ethics and promotes these values as well.
  • Empowerment: In its work, the foundation aims to bring those who are able to offer meaningful and sustainable intervention in contact with those people in society who require assistance and guidance. It is firmly believed that such empowerment will help to create a more equal, just, and compassionate society.


  • Grade seven students who display potential for academic excellence.
  • Children from generally low income communities in Southern Africa.
  • Children who demonstrate strong leadership skills and show a keen interest in humanitarian efforts.

PBO Status

For its vision, mission, and ongoing work to improve the lives of young South African children, the Bosele Foundation has been recognised as a public benefit organisation in terms of South African law. Its PBO number is 930/047/343.

About the logo

The Bosele Foundation’s logo was designed by Rémy Ngamije and incorporates South Africa’s national colours with the foundation’s vision to empower African children through education.